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Welcome to The WorkWell

You may remember us as FunkBunk  – one of the UK’s very first coworking spaces.  After 10 very happy years, we decided to close the doors in 2017 to focus on something a little different.

We are now a not-for-profit organisation called The Work Well and we provide home-office inspiration and pop-up coworking at multiple locations instead.

Our mission is still the same in that we want to make the lives of freelancers and WFHers even better – but now we want to bring the coworking closer to you.

What’s pop-up coworking?

We find great spaces for people to work and meet, to escape the distractions and isolation that can come from working remotely or at home.

From coffee shops, restaurants and bars to parks and quirky venues that offer WiFi, drinks, tables and chairs, we set-up temporary coworking spaces closer to where you live, so that you can enjoy a change of scenery in multiple locations, alongside other local people who work from home.

How do I book?

For now, you can view our events and book your place through out Meetup group. You’ll need to join the group to book (it doesn’t cost anything to join). Most coworking days are free although some charge a small amount to cover running costs. Join and book here.

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