Hello. We’re FunkBunk and we’re a workhub

(which means we hire out hot desks and permanent desks in a shared office space).

Who’s it for?

Funkbunk suits many people – especially people who work from home. We regularly hire desks out to freelancers, small business owners, flexi-workers, post-grad students, sales people, consultants, designers, developers, marketers, writers, engineers and new parents.

What’s it like at the FunkBunk?

FunkBunk is airy, modern, comfortable and flexible. You can turn up any time you fancy between 9am and 6pm. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do for a living or what you wear. You can keep to yourself if you’re busy, or chat to others if you need some light relief from the job.

Tea, coffee and spring water flows freely at the ‘Bunk. The wifi Internet is fast and reliable, and the parking is free. We’ve got great chairs, big desks, comfy sofas, free printing, scanning and photocopying, and a very cool meeting room. The London-line train station is only 10 minutes away and we’ve got a couple of award-winning pubs on our doorstep.

Where is it?

FunkBunk is a rural workhub right on the borders of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire in Wing (just outside Leighton Buzzard). We’re easy to drive and cycle to. Here’s the map.

How does it work?

Decide how frequently you want to use the FunkBunk and then just book online, turn up, plug-in and work. It’s that easy.

If your business is suffering from a severe case of H.O.M.E, you need FunkBunk.

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30 Mile Market Place
I Love Leighton Buzzard
Dan Johnson
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SIGA Vision
Provide Design
RCG Associates
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a place to work

Come and enjoy some pure productivity in our shared office workspace. Our modern, clean, open plan environment is tailored for freelancers and small businesses to give you everything you need to make it happen. Let us be your other office.

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art for your office

If you can’t work at FunkBunk all the time, or we’re just too far away, you can still take some of our attitude home. Our range of products is expanding and includes framed motivational poster prints and mugs that state your opinions on popular office (pop-off) culture.

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start something

Are you interested in starting your own co-working space? Since our inception we have been supporting other shared office spaces throughout the UK. If you have a the space, we have the know-how, marketing materials and brand to help your vision come to life.

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