Live/Work Network & Work Hubs

There has been some interesting correspondence flying around recently and it turns out that the CLG (Communities and Local Government agency) have initiated research into workhubs as part of an enterprising low carbon national community. This research is with a view to setting up a national network for workhubs like FunkBunk. We personally think this…

A unique type of fashion

Many of the peeps here at FunkBunk choose to get a bit of their weekly nutrition from – a deliver-to-your-door nutritional nibbles service. The food they send out comes in a letterbox friendly recycled cardboard box. Now being the environmentally conscious types here we have been saving up the boxes until a unique use…

New People at FunkBunk

The weather may be turning outside but tucked up nice and warm here in the FunkBunk, I wanted to take the opportunity over a nice hot cuppa to tell you about some of the new people we now have here as residents. Richard Leggett Richard is leading Flash developer, author and Adobe Community Expert –…


Witness the results of the first every FunkBunk FunkPumpkin competition!

Well not really a competition…. all that took part were winners… and sweeties were enjoyed as a reward by all.

From the scary to the weird. It was all covered. Judge for yourself!







It’s our 1st Birthday!

WEDNESDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER – 6.30PM – 10PM It’s hard to believe that FunkBunk has been running for a year already! To celebrate, we have organised a very special, very cool event filled with art, film, music and great company. This isn’t just any ordinary party either. Have a look at what’s going on: Exclusive exhibition…

They didn’t spot this one

Something that came though the ‘bunk today made us all chuckle. Names, birthdays and blood types have all been changed to protect the innocent; “Here are collections of articles written by the students currently enrolled on the XXXX. Just click on the topic you want to see the full list of reviews. The students have…